song_79489981_cover FastBoy ft Jitesh & Harsha - Gave You My Loving Heart Away details
Genre: Rap Hiphop
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This is a real love story which transpired in my life! On the vocals we have Jitesh Nambiar & Harsha Prabhakar giving classical vocals & Shraddha Palekar on the skit! This is my first experiment to do classical & hip hop together! Like & Share! Lyrics : Verse 1: It was the first time when I met you two years back, All the time I had to rock the rhythms but couldn’t even rap, But when I see your face baby the rhymes would come outta my heart, It always loved you truly baby never wanted us to be apart, My Love for you was so true that you can’t ever define, My heart was bleeding for your love always wanted you to be mine, The relationship was so golden wanted always to be with you, Coz whenever I’m not with you I’m always dreaming about you, What happened as the times went by, It was like you bid me goodbye, Forgetting the moments that we had, Living for each another day & night, Shining up my life so bright holding up my hand so tight, Baby you were the best for me from the day you entered in my life, I remember the first time when I said I just love you girl, I’m crazy for you baby & for me you just mean my world, That’s when you said you need some time you’d start loving me slowly, And I waited for you always wanted you to be my baby! Hook: Always loved you every moment every second every day, I can’t imagine my life without you with me all the way, Coz you the only one for me & for you I’m the only one, I feel so heartless right now & I need you in my life coz I. GAVE YOU MY LOVING HEART AWAY (x4) Verse 2: Pyaar ka tha yeh daastaan yaa chaahat kit hi zindagi, Kyu tu samajh na payi kit tu thi meri bandagi, Coz you the only reason that I breathe every moment, And you the only reason for my each & every movement, Tu hi zindagi ki jeene ki ik vajah hai, Ab tere bin lagdi har ghadi ek sazaa hai, Kya kiya tha gunaah joh mujhe sazaah mili bewaja, Ek ladka bewafa tere pyaar mai hi tha dewaana, Tuti nahi zindagi par toota zaroor mera dil, Tere bina zindagi jeena hai badi mushkil, Coz life seems to be incomplete without you even for a second, Coz you were so precious to me just like a beautiful diamond, Kya kehlaya tune rishte ko jo kabhi aage bad na paaya, Akela hu in raaho main a tu hai aur na tera saaya, Mera dil toot gaya mera pyaar rooth gaya, Par tere liye yeh dil dhadakna na kabhi bhool gaya! Hook: (x1) Verse 3: It was a bright afternoon when I was talking to you on the phone, It was good to hear your voice when you speaking on that microphone, Wanted you to speak much longer which will make our love so stronger, In the world I was your only lover but you thought that I was a stalker, When I said I just love only one girl in this world, And you said OMG who is that lucky girl, Then when I said it was you & then you spoke out the truth, It was hard for me to hear those words it was hard for me to hear from you, You said that this relationship simply just can’t happen boy, Coz your dad wanted you to arrange marriage a Marathi boy, All the emotions & the feelings & the dreams are shattered into pieces, You had a chance of breaking my heart that moment really you did seize it, Waiting for two years to be in my life all the emotions are gone in vain. The day you broke my heart so bad every second I did cry in pain, Now I’m back again this is what I say there’s one mistake that I did all the way, I regret the mistake of giving you my loving heart away! Hook: (x1 ) So from now on, When you think of me, Just remember that, I could have been the best thing that you ever had.

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Dhak Dhak Se Dhadakna Bhula De | Mohammed Rafi | Aasha 1980 Songs | Jeetendra, Reena Roy

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Jab Se Hai Seekha Dil Ne Dhadakna . Kumar Sanu and Alka ( High Quality)

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Chaahat - Chaahat Na Hoti-HD

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Jis din se juda woh hum se hue is dil ne dhadakna chhod diya

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Jab Se Hai Seekha Dil Ne Dhadakna Kumar Sanu Alka Yagnik.flv

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