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Based upon the chapter “Where is the Kamloops?” from Dwight Boyer’s Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes, this work describes the disappearance of a Canadian Steamship Lines freighter as it tried to negotiate a raging storm on Lake Superior during the night of December 6-7, 1927. The 2,302 ton, three-year old vessel was in the midst of a late season run from Courtright to Fort William, Ontario. Severe winter storms could appear with little advance warning and were not uncommon for that time of year. Captain Bill Brian and his veteran crew were considered to be more than capable of handling the brutal weather conditions that would descend upon the ship, but Kamloops vanished without a trace. Its final port-of-call remained a mystery for the next fifty years. Then on August 21, 1977 recreational scuba divers found the nearly intact hulk resting at the bottom of an underwater slope at a depth of over two hundred feet, yet less than one hundred yards from the rocky western coast of Isle Royale. The storm on that fateful night in 1927 had overwhelmed he ship so quickly it gave the crew little chance at survival. A few of Kamloops' sailors did manage to reach shore, but had died from exposure long before their frozen bodies were discovered by local fishermen. Upon reading about the circumstances that led to the Kamloops' tragic fate, I was intrigued by the background story of its mascot, a mixed breed dog named Ginger. Despite having accompanied Captain Brian on every previous trip, nothing would convince Ginger to cross the gangplank for what would prove to be a last voyage. While staying at the home of one of the Captain's friends during the wild night of the freighter's disappearance, the dog was found whimpering under a table, unwilling to be comforted. Back in the town of Courtright, owners and relatives of the crew were unaware of the events unfolding at that moment on Lake Superior. As time passed without word of the ship's arrival at any port, a hard truth began to dawn about the presumed fate of the vessel and its human complement. This reality was too terrible for the people of Courtright to comprehend, yet it was something Ginger instinctively deduced and had already accepted. The Kamloops had been lost with all hands. My orchestral work intentionally takes a canine rather than a human perspective for its narrative structure, using our family dog's observed patterns of behavior as a representative case. Ginger's emotional rollercoaster is hopefully reflected by the music that you hear. Many animals have the ability to sense imminent danger, with restlessness prior to earthquakes often cited as an example. I leave this matter to your speculation, but I consider Ginger's story a mystery of Nature where we are left with more questions than answers. Last Voyage won the Composers Competition for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s centennial, sponsored by the Ernst & Young Emerging American Composers Fund. The premiere took place at Wheaton College during the CSO’s 1990 tour of Illinois, led by Music Director Daniel Barenboim. Subsequent performances under Maestro Barenboim’s baton were held at Augustana College in Rock Island, Sangamon State University in Springfield and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana as well as subscription concerts at the orchestra's home venue of Symphony Center.

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Anti-Green? Charge Them With Racketeering.

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Genre: legalize marijuana
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This is why we hate Gangplank

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League of Legends: Gangplank - Take an orange and it's k! (Gameplay/Livecommentary)

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